Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My New/slightly used 3DS!

Its new to me!

Well fellow gamers here is the new handheld gaming device I snatched up! My fellow co-worker says hes gonna trade in his son's 3DS at gamestop. Hoping he would at least get $50 bucks for it! I told him, for $50 bucks I may take it off his hands at the price. Then I said maybe you shouldn't tempt me. To make things worse he has it with him and brings it to me to check out. I keep thinking ehhhhh for $50 bucks why not! So I figure leave it to fate to decide. If i have $50 in my wallet sold if not, pass. Well of course me who never has cash, looks in my wallet and boom $50 exactly! So i tell my co-worker I guess you just sold it!

Plus I figure if I get sick of it i'll just trade it in. The trade in value on these I believe is about $75-100 so I can't complain about the deal!

Now I just need to find something to play on my new 3DS, enjoy the video its kind of quick and dirty but I wanted everyone to see my latest score!

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  1. And why don't you show your face? :P