Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mass Effect Trilogy Announced

One of my favorite game trilogies is getting released as well... a trilogy!

Mass Effect even though with it controversial ending is still one of my favorite SciFi series in a long time. Glad to see that some can pick it up and enjoy the whole thing in one crazy long marathon.

Also new to the PlayStation 3 crowd the original Mass Effect will be coming to the PS3 for the first time and have trophy support as well. Only Mass Effect 2 & 3 were previously released on the PlayStation 3.

The 3 pack id due out on November 6th for Xbox 360 and PC. Those wanting to get it on the PS3 will have to wait a little longer, no date has been announced at this time. You will be able to snag all three games for the price of one game at $59.99. Pretty good deal for all the content in this game if you ask me!

Also get ready for N7 day, as Bio ware has declared November 7th as N7 day! Myself I plan on constructing a Commander Shepard armor out of cardboard and pulling an all night marathon while wearing and playing the games.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked...

Borderlands 2 is out, NOW! So what are you waiting for?

Well I had a blast playing the first Borderlands, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the squeal! Well I may have to wait a while. I still need to finish the first. I started playing it, solo, and had to stop. This game is meant for Co-Op well my lonely looser self couldn't ever find or talk someone into playing this game. Finally I may have someone and some other interested in playing. They are supposed to get it in time for the weekend.

After we finish Borderlands, we will see if it hooks us enough to play the second one. If like RPS elements, and tons of guns and Co-Op this is your game! Until then check out the trailer.

Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 pre-order today!

It's here! 

....And the Angel's voice sang aloud, and down from the heavens floating on a sliver platter wrapped in one of Steve Jobs trademarked back turtle neck shirts, the iPhone 5 has arrived... Well that's how I pictured it.

Here are some quick stats about the new phone.

The new Phone is a littler bigger now we have a 4" screen

20% Lighter

7.6mm thick

LTE connectivity

A6 Processor, which Apple says is twice as fast

Improvements on both the front and rear facing camera

New Dock connector that has the lighting pin as it is called

Also improved the ear buds

Comes in Black or White, $200 for the 16gb, $300 for the 32gb and $400 for the 64gb version

Pre-Order today and the phone will be shipped to you on September 21st!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back Catalog Gaming Action: Grand Theft Auto IV

"Cousin, why have you not finished GTA IV? All the BIG american teetees you have been missing in this game."

Just like ole Roman has said I never finished Grand Theft Auto IV. Actually I barely started it all. Seems like something else came out and I dropped this game for another. Nothing is currently out so I got to thinking about what games I need to go back to. Then it hit me, I never finished Grand Theft Auto IV and the two major DLC packs they released. Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Well dang if that won't keep me busy!

First I head down to Gamestop, grab a used copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for $22 bucks on my lunch break then head back to work. Then I come to find out there is a complete edition that includes all the DLC and the game for only $30 brand freaking new! So after work I head back to Gamestop to take back the game and just get the complete version, brand new and with the DLC which would be much cheaper than downloading it.

Finally I get to sink my teeth into some good Grand Theft Auto senseless violence. I am not to far in the game only playing here and there running a few missions at a time. This game is soooo big. There is way to much to do, but that is a good thing, as long as it doesn't get stale I will be busy with this game for a while!

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Sunday with NFL Sunday Ticket

I am Hooked!

Every game at my finger tips of the ole trusty PS3 controller. It was great! I watched  a game here and I watched a game there. One game gets out of hand and looses interest, boom I find another one that is close. The only down side I found to this was some games were blacked out. But that meant my local broadcast stations were playing them I just had to turn on regular TV. Only a small downside in my opinion.

Also getting the Red Zone channel included was an added bonus. It's like football for people with ADD! The Red Zone channel covers all teams with no blackouts. If your not familiar with the Red Zone channel, basically when a team enters the 20 yard line or less of the opposing team that is what is called the red zone. This is when the Red Zone channel kicks in and they take you to that game so you can see if they score or not. Then once a team finishes or is no longer in the Red Zone they move on to another team, or if no other team in in the Red Zone, they begin to show highlights from across the league. Pretty cool channel overall.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Female Friday's are back!

Alright after massive demand I am bringing back an old staple of the Underground Basement. That's right Female Friday's are back! How we missed you!

And why not bring back the girl who started it all, Miss Justene Jaro

I usually try to find a girl that has something to do with gaming or movies etc, I'll get back to you how she is connected... Maybe you guys could tell me!

Just like the old days this is how we would kick start our weekends, giving us something pretty to look at!

Enjoy your weekend gamers!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We have a surprise for this Friday!

Well I think it's time we revisit an old weekly tradition. Stay tuned and see what that might be tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Riding off into the sunset... not just yet!

Well I dusted off an old favorite this labor day weekend.

Saturday I got to looking around in my back catalog for something to revisit. I hold on to some of my favorites for chances to go back to them. I like to go back and earn achievements.

Well it had been 2 years since I was in New Austin and visited it locals. It was nice to be back. I finished up some odd jobs, took on some bounties, and saved a few damsels in distress. I forgot how big this game was. Even made a trip down to ole Mexico, to help some strangers out of a jam.

I still have some other things to get done, I need to hunt some grizzly bears, and pick off a few more buffalo, and hunt some more animals to earn a few more achievements that are pretty attainable. There are also a good amount of online achievements, never been a fan of those since they usually require lots of time, plus other people can be tuff to deal with in the online arena.

After playing this again makes me hope that Rockstar makes a Red Dead Redemption 2. Love playing in the old west and this game was so much fun. Give us more please!