Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 pre-order today!

It's here! 

....And the Angel's voice sang aloud, and down from the heavens floating on a sliver platter wrapped in one of Steve Jobs trademarked back turtle neck shirts, the iPhone 5 has arrived... Well that's how I pictured it.

Here are some quick stats about the new phone.

The new Phone is a littler bigger now we have a 4" screen

20% Lighter

7.6mm thick

LTE connectivity

A6 Processor, which Apple says is twice as fast

Improvements on both the front and rear facing camera

New Dock connector that has the lighting pin as it is called

Also improved the ear buds

Comes in Black or White, $200 for the 16gb, $300 for the 32gb and $400 for the 64gb version

Pre-Order today and the phone will be shipped to you on September 21st!

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