Friday, September 7, 2012

Female Friday's are back!

Alright after massive demand I am bringing back an old staple of the Underground Basement. That's right Female Friday's are back! How we missed you!

And why not bring back the girl who started it all, Miss Justene Jaro

I usually try to find a girl that has something to do with gaming or movies etc, I'll get back to you how she is connected... Maybe you guys could tell me!

Just like the old days this is how we would kick start our weekends, giving us something pretty to look at!

Enjoy your weekend gamers!


  1. Justene Jaro

    Aaaaaaaaaaw yeah!

    Dat spy.


  2. you gotta love that outfit

  3. *sigh*
    The shit I have to deal with on the internet

    *unzips pants*

  4. This week, we want some Jessica Nigri, my personal favorite cosplayer.