Monday, July 30, 2012

News Post: Metal Gear Solid 4: Trophy Patch Incoming

Like the title says!

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Patch incoming this August!

Not sure of the exact date but will keep you readers informed. I have beena  huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. Love the over complicated plot and the "Tactical Espionage Action" Nothing more fullfilling than sneaking up on an enemy and taking them out with CQC or your trusty knife. Then of course you cant leave the body laying out in the open now can you! Shoot you better pull that body into the bushes and hide it before someone sees you. I love the series for the fact its more than just run and gun. Kojima who created the Metal Gear series you can tell love games an wanted to put more into them than just another same ole shooter.

I love a good reason to go back and replay old gamer for Trophies/Achievements. For me they give me something to work towards after finishing a game and present an new challenge than just beating the game. And nothing feels great like earning the Platinum Trophy you get after getting all other trophies in the game. Just a little extra icing on the cake!

If you haven't experienced the Metal Gear Solid franchise yet, and want to try something other than the every day shooter, go get the HD collection. Its for PlayStation and Xbox. My favorite of the series is Metal Gear Solid 3 and its really what got me hooked on these games and honestly cause this game take place in the past, in the timeline to the other games you should really play it first.

I know what I'll by playing this August, a trip down memory lane to one of my favorite early PS3 releases that hit right before the famous trophy patch came out. Sneak out and...


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aftermath of the Steam Sale :)

Well it felt like this!

Well I survived anther famous Steam Summer Sale with money still left in my wallet!

 Valve did not dissapoint! so many games on sale. Community voting sales, Flash sales, daily specials! Truly a very gamer Christmas in July.

One thing I would like to touch on was one of my last purchases of the sale. Come to find out one of my friends who is an avid PC gamer, and has yet to some how not enjoy Arkham Asylum... Yeah I know. Plus he is a huge fan of Batman The Animated Series. So guess what goes on sale the last day for a measly $6.29 I love that Steam has the option to gift games. So I knew exactly what I was buying for my buddy.

He was very excited! He had no excuse now to enjoy one of my favorite games. About one of my favorite comic book characters.

I almost got him a double gift, Alan Wake was up for community vote, and I would have gotten that too. He said I want to play, but it scares me. hehe I knew if I would gift it to him he would have finally played it too. Well I don't blame him it gave me the chills to. Alan Wake though turned out to be another one of my favorites. sadly it didnt get voted in on the last day. So maybe another time!

I really enjoyed this years Summer Sale and look forward to the next. Until next time gamers, the glow of the TV is on in the underground basement late at night and as always...

Game On!

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Dark Knight Rises Adventure!

Well I managed to climb out of the ole Underground Basement last night for a little Dark Knight movie marathon! It was great, walked into Batman Begins at 6:00pm left the theater after The Dark Knight rises at 3:00am It was 9 hours of Batman and it was glorious! Then a good 45 min drive home since thats where the nearest IMAX theater is.

It was pretty cool to see the previous movies again on the big IMAX screen then see the final one. The Trilogy really does come full circle. If you even remotely love batman this movie is for you.

I had to solo the first two movies by myself, and then at midnight my cousin joined me for the big premiere.

After the movie we got some cool swag, I nice Bane small poster, and a much larger poster of all three Dark Knight movies on one sheet. Pretty dang cool!

I'll roll it out later and take some pics!

Luckily I asked off for half a day from a month ago a head of time, so i got some rest and didn't have to go in until 11:00. So the day wasn't so bad for being out until 4:00am

Believe the hype, enjoyed the movie, lots of surprises and a great ending to the Nolan/Bale Batman verse.

It's simple go see this movie!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Steam Summer Sale... Round 2!

Well the ole steam summer sale is now in pretty much full swing of things. Boy has my wallet taken a beating! We got games, and deals, and deals, and more deals on deals! lol

Here we go the first purchase i made at the ole bargain basement price was Mirror's Edge. In this game your a free runner. The First person aspects are pretty dang sweet, playing this bad boy on the Underground Big Screen, well lets just say if you get motion sickness easily this game is not for you. hehe I started the game and had a blast but then my attention went to the next game I purchased...

An oldie, but another goodie, Grand Theft Auto IV, hey at $4.99 I had to revisit my old Russian friend on the PC.

The last purchase I made was Just Cause 2. Now I haven't got to start it yet, but I remember playing the original, it was like you were El Mariachi from Desperado, but working for the government as a Mexican super spy! This game if it turns out like the original, will be to much fun. The open world of running and gunning, parachuting and grappling! Oh my! Again as you can probably tell I have fond memories of the original so looking forward to getting back into the world of Just Cause 2.

If you made any purchases in the Steam Sale, be sure to sound off in our comment section below. Maybe you have a game that the Underground Basement needs to check out? Some how maybe i missed it? haha Be sure to let me know! And as always...

Game one!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steam Summer Sale Is ON!

Can't believe I haven't yet talked about this! Best part in this hot ole summer time weather. The Steam Summer sale! Deals Deals and more Deals are to be had!

First I would like to say Valve is such a  great company, they have proved that you can give gamers great reasonable deals on games and the will buy them.

Currently I have purchased 2 game so far, mostly cause my hermit of a self usually already has the game when they first come out. hehe That and i tend to console game more than i PC game. Made two purchases today. First was the PSN game "Heist." I tried it out and dang if this is not fun, gotta talk some of my buddies into getting this game. You and 4 others, or AI as needed pretty much rob a bank. You have objectives to do while you make your way to the safe, then you gotta make you escape! I played the first job and it was a blast! for $4.99 off the regular price of 19.99 this was a steal!

2nd purchase was Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Plat. Ed. I used to play these types of game all the time, and been itching to build my own theme park once again. Love building those roller coasters! So heck yea guess whats in sale for $9.99 SOLD!

Trapper will be sticking by the computer and updating you on those killer Steam deals as they roll in.

Right now The Underground Basement Highlight of the night is

Prince of Persia for a measly $2.49 I had a blast with this game when it came out, love the art style. Its regular $19.99 and they are only asking $2.49! Thats crazy!!!!

Valve knows how to take care of gamers clearly!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Return to an Oldie But a Goodie!

Well as you can Trapper is back in his underground basement posting up about some of these great games that he plays and his adventures along the way!

Recently I have started playing a series that I hadn't shown much love too. Assassin's Creed. I played the original when it came out, but got burned out on it was to repetitive. Decided to revisit part II just as of last week. Its been a fun return for sure! I am trying to just keep to the main story so as not to get into a rut. So long as the story stays interesting i'll keep playing. I like all the little extras they have added since the original, upgrading weapons, armors, etc. Kinda keeps things fresh. I probably will stay away from alot of the side missions so i can finish the game and move on to AC:Brotherhood!

Its still pretty early in the game and i tend to play other games in the process to as not to get burned out so fast. I also need to finish Borderlands in time for its sequel cause I got some co-op buddies wanting to go at it when B2 goes live.

It feels good to be back talking to you gamers out there and letting you know the the Underground Basement Trapper is alive and gaming!

The Light is still on in the basement...

Been over a year since I posted, contemplating a return to the bloggers world and sharing my adventures from the underground basement...