Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steam Summer Sale Is ON!

Can't believe I haven't yet talked about this! Best part in this hot ole summer time weather. The Steam Summer sale! Deals Deals and more Deals are to be had!

First I would like to say Valve is such a  great company, they have proved that you can give gamers great reasonable deals on games and the will buy them.

Currently I have purchased 2 game so far, mostly cause my hermit of a self usually already has the game when they first come out. hehe That and i tend to console game more than i PC game. Made two purchases today. First was the PSN game "Heist." I tried it out and dang if this is not fun, gotta talk some of my buddies into getting this game. You and 4 others, or AI as needed pretty much rob a bank. You have objectives to do while you make your way to the safe, then you gotta make you escape! I played the first job and it was a blast! for $4.99 off the regular price of 19.99 this was a steal!

2nd purchase was Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Plat. Ed. I used to play these types of game all the time, and been itching to build my own theme park once again. Love building those roller coasters! So heck yea guess whats in sale for $9.99 SOLD!

Trapper will be sticking by the computer and updating you on those killer Steam deals as they roll in.

Right now The Underground Basement Highlight of the night is

Prince of Persia for a measly $2.49 I had a blast with this game when it came out, love the art style. Its regular $19.99 and they are only asking $2.49! Thats crazy!!!!

Valve knows how to take care of gamers clearly!


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  1. ahh, I love summer deals! thanks for the info!