Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Steam Summer Sale... Round 2!

Well the ole steam summer sale is now in pretty much full swing of things. Boy has my wallet taken a beating! We got games, and deals, and deals, and more deals on deals! lol

Here we go the first purchase i made at the ole bargain basement price was Mirror's Edge. In this game your a free runner. The First person aspects are pretty dang sweet, playing this bad boy on the Underground Big Screen, well lets just say if you get motion sickness easily this game is not for you. hehe I started the game and had a blast but then my attention went to the next game I purchased...

An oldie, but another goodie, Grand Theft Auto IV, hey at $4.99 I had to revisit my old Russian friend on the PC.

The last purchase I made was Just Cause 2. Now I haven't got to start it yet, but I remember playing the original, it was like you were El Mariachi from Desperado, but working for the government as a Mexican super spy! This game if it turns out like the original, will be to much fun. The open world of running and gunning, parachuting and grappling! Oh my! Again as you can probably tell I have fond memories of the original so looking forward to getting back into the world of Just Cause 2.

If you made any purchases in the Steam Sale, be sure to sound off in our comment section below. Maybe you have a game that the Underground Basement needs to check out? Some how maybe i missed it? haha Be sure to let me know! And as always...

Game one!

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