Monday, July 30, 2012

News Post: Metal Gear Solid 4: Trophy Patch Incoming

Like the title says!

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Patch incoming this August!

Not sure of the exact date but will keep you readers informed. I have beena  huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. Love the over complicated plot and the "Tactical Espionage Action" Nothing more fullfilling than sneaking up on an enemy and taking them out with CQC or your trusty knife. Then of course you cant leave the body laying out in the open now can you! Shoot you better pull that body into the bushes and hide it before someone sees you. I love the series for the fact its more than just run and gun. Kojima who created the Metal Gear series you can tell love games an wanted to put more into them than just another same ole shooter.

I love a good reason to go back and replay old gamer for Trophies/Achievements. For me they give me something to work towards after finishing a game and present an new challenge than just beating the game. And nothing feels great like earning the Platinum Trophy you get after getting all other trophies in the game. Just a little extra icing on the cake!

If you haven't experienced the Metal Gear Solid franchise yet, and want to try something other than the every day shooter, go get the HD collection. Its for PlayStation and Xbox. My favorite of the series is Metal Gear Solid 3 and its really what got me hooked on these games and honestly cause this game take place in the past, in the timeline to the other games you should really play it first.

I know what I'll by playing this August, a trip down memory lane to one of my favorite early PS3 releases that hit right before the famous trophy patch came out. Sneak out and...



  1. Awesome, I can't wait anymore :)

  2. i'm so addicted to this game tnx for info