Monday, April 11, 2011

Mass Effect 2... Has Consumed me.

Like the title says. I pretty much lived and breathed Mass Effect 2 all weekend. Stayed up till about 3am Friday and Saturday night. Trying to do and find just about everything in this game. I currently Have about 40+ hrs logged.After a long play on Sunday, I have finished everyone's "Loyalty" missions. Which I wanted to get over with first and right away to get all the Loyalty powers unlocked for everyone. So tonight I am ready to continue on tonight with the main story. Really enjoying Mass Effect 2 and looking forward to Mass Effect 3.

I also heard rumors of Bioware maybe making a MMO some where down the ling called Mass Effect Galaxy. I know they are currently working on the Star Wars MMO which I am really looking forward too. After playing both ME1 and ME2 I have full confidence in them to make a killer Star Wars MMO. 

Oh Star Wars Galaxy, how I miss you before you were ruined, the hole you left in my heart has yet to be filled by any other MMO. But suddenly a challenger appears...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Launching a new blog!

Here in the Underground Basement I have decided to launch a new Blog.

DOA: Danger's of Asbestos!

A Blog with a little more serious side, than my usual little gaming blog. You see I have a cousin that was affected by Mesothelioma and I wanted to help educate people out there about the dangers of asbestos and what products you can find this stuff in so maybe you can protect yourself and loved ones. Be sure to check it out I will be posting stories of people affected by this and just general tips on where to look out for asbestos.

The Masters is under way!

Well the Master's is underway!

Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer get things started this morning with a honorary tee off, before the first group set out. Personally I'm rooting for Tiger Woods to make a comeback. I know he may not be everyones favortie player, but I like a good comeback story. Also I am a fan of Anthony Kim since he is healed up this year I'll be looking for him to make a run at the green jacket. Thats one thing I like about golf, it all you. No teammates to help you out no one to blame but yourself.
I like the fact that I can play with my buddies, but if I can't find anyone to go with that day I can still get out there and play around.

The Underground Basement will provide updates on The Master's through out the day.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Waaaahoooo! We hit 300 followers finally!

Thank you to all!

Trapper stayed up a little to late last night playing Mass Effect 2, it's a great game, but it's hard for me to walk away and go to bed! But I am loving this game and having a blast playing. Plus after my Monster Hunter post I gotta find some times to play that too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monster Hunter or My Secret Addiction!

"Yeah it's a lot like this."

Well I was reading an article a few days ago about "Why we love Monster Hunter" it awakened that old monster hunting spirit inside me! Now if your a fan of the Monster Hunter series like me then you know just what I mean. This is an action RPG, no leveling and really not much story. Sounds exciting you say? I know! It's all about the thrill of the hunt and collecting and building kick ass armor and bigger and badder weapons. To fight bigger and badder  monsters. 

Now there is a version that came out on the Wii not to long ago and it is pretty dang good, but I prefer to do my Monster Hunting on the move, with my PSP. A game long ago just sounded cool to me, but at first I really sucked at, and gave up. Then read some more about and gave the Hunting School a try and then made my first kills on my mission I was instantly hooked! Now I have logged over 100 hrs on my PSP which I hear isn't much compared to the some 200+ hours i hear on others. Sadly out of my gamer friends I am the only one who owns a PSP and who has even heard of Monster Hunter. So this Hunter hunts alone. In the last PSP version of Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite  it is all about hunting in  a group which I hope to try out sometime.

Side note in the game you have a NPC that is a cat that helps you on your hunts and hunts with you. Mine his name is Tango. Which is where I got the name for my cat that I posted not to long ago.

So if you like killing huge monsters, having awesome weapons, enjoy having a cat help kick some monster tail as your partner, and collecting cool armor you should really check this game out.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Catching Up From the Weekend!

It was a busy weekend! Sorry I hadn't been around much.

Trapper managed to crawl out of the ole Underground Basement on Saturday, the wife had been wanting me to lay some sod down around our patio. Took most of the day but now we have some fresh nice looking grass surrounding our lovely back patio. Now she is on me to find a set of outdoor furniture to back there too. I'd rather have a hot tub myself... we'll see! Saturday evening was spent at a friends house and grilling some very tasty burgers.

Woke up late, my legs were very sore from all the lifting that sod, it is surprising how heavy it was. Had to do a little clean up around the house, and had a family birthday party Sunday evening. Hadn't been able to do much gaming all weekend I was starting to feel an itch. That I just had to scratch when I got home...

Been playing a lot of NBA JAM lately, but that just wouldn't do I needed some action and adventure. Hmmm Alan Wake DLC? Nah need something new... Bulletstorm? Nah I'm looking for something with a really good story. Then I notice something I had been putting off because I played the first and beat it 4 times, trying to give myself a good break between the two games also with he 3rd one being right around the corner my interest to see how this story unfolds is beginning to peak... Do I really want to take on a task this large? So soon being at least 4 months since I finished the first game. Cause These kinds of games consume me... "Ah well" I said, "It's Time!"

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's that time again... FEMALE FRIDAY'S!

This week spotlight shines on the lovely...

Michelle Tomniczak!

In the spirit of the new Wonder Woman TV show I thought she would make a fitting choice for our "Female Friday's" section! Enjoy!

Even though Ms Tomniczak isn't playing Wonder Woman in the new series those duties belong to Adrianne Palick. I think we could all agree though we would like to see Ms. Tomniczak  on a weekly basis :)

Have a good weekend and if you plan on doing any gaming be sure to mention what you might be playing. As always have a very gamer weekend!

Enjoy this 2nd picture to get us through the afternoon!
Will have on more picture coming to send us home too.

I forgot Friday I promised one more picture so here it is, better late then never!