Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aftermath of the Steam Sale :)

Well it felt like this!

Well I survived anther famous Steam Summer Sale with money still left in my wallet!

 Valve did not dissapoint! so many games on sale. Community voting sales, Flash sales, daily specials! Truly a very gamer Christmas in July.

One thing I would like to touch on was one of my last purchases of the sale. Come to find out one of my friends who is an avid PC gamer, and has yet to some how not enjoy Arkham Asylum... Yeah I know. Plus he is a huge fan of Batman The Animated Series. So guess what goes on sale the last day for a measly $6.29 I love that Steam has the option to gift games. So I knew exactly what I was buying for my buddy.

He was very excited! He had no excuse now to enjoy one of my favorite games. About one of my favorite comic book characters.

I almost got him a double gift, Alan Wake was up for community vote, and I would have gotten that too. He said I want to play, but it scares me. hehe I knew if I would gift it to him he would have finally played it too. Well I don't blame him it gave me the chills to. Alan Wake though turned out to be another one of my favorites. sadly it didnt get voted in on the last day. So maybe another time!

I really enjoyed this years Summer Sale and look forward to the next. Until next time gamers, the glow of the TV is on in the underground basement late at night and as always...

Game On!


  1. Oh, I agree soooooo much! My (already tiny) wallet is now completely empty thanks to Steam. Then again, I won't be leaving the house for a long time, so I don't need the money. Haha...

  2. Hahahaha, i think we all feel the same.