Friday, July 20, 2012

My Dark Knight Rises Adventure!

Well I managed to climb out of the ole Underground Basement last night for a little Dark Knight movie marathon! It was great, walked into Batman Begins at 6:00pm left the theater after The Dark Knight rises at 3:00am It was 9 hours of Batman and it was glorious! Then a good 45 min drive home since thats where the nearest IMAX theater is.

It was pretty cool to see the previous movies again on the big IMAX screen then see the final one. The Trilogy really does come full circle. If you even remotely love batman this movie is for you.

I had to solo the first two movies by myself, and then at midnight my cousin joined me for the big premiere.

After the movie we got some cool swag, I nice Bane small poster, and a much larger poster of all three Dark Knight movies on one sheet. Pretty dang cool!

I'll roll it out later and take some pics!

Luckily I asked off for half a day from a month ago a head of time, so i got some rest and didn't have to go in until 11:00. So the day wasn't so bad for being out until 4:00am

Believe the hype, enjoyed the movie, lots of surprises and a great ending to the Nolan/Bale Batman verse.

It's simple go see this movie!

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