Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mass Effect Trilogy Announced

One of my favorite game trilogies is getting released as well... a trilogy!

Mass Effect even though with it controversial ending is still one of my favorite SciFi series in a long time. Glad to see that some can pick it up and enjoy the whole thing in one crazy long marathon.

Also new to the PlayStation 3 crowd the original Mass Effect will be coming to the PS3 for the first time and have trophy support as well. Only Mass Effect 2 & 3 were previously released on the PlayStation 3.

The 3 pack id due out on November 6th for Xbox 360 and PC. Those wanting to get it on the PS3 will have to wait a little longer, no date has been announced at this time. You will be able to snag all three games for the price of one game at $59.99. Pretty good deal for all the content in this game if you ask me!

Also get ready for N7 day, as Bio ware has declared November 7th as N7 day! Myself I plan on constructing a Commander Shepard armor out of cardboard and pulling an all night marathon while wearing and playing the games.

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