Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Riding off into the sunset... not just yet!

Well I dusted off an old favorite this labor day weekend.

Saturday I got to looking around in my back catalog for something to revisit. I hold on to some of my favorites for chances to go back to them. I like to go back and earn achievements.

Well it had been 2 years since I was in New Austin and visited it locals. It was nice to be back. I finished up some odd jobs, took on some bounties, and saved a few damsels in distress. I forgot how big this game was. Even made a trip down to ole Mexico, to help some strangers out of a jam.

I still have some other things to get done, I need to hunt some grizzly bears, and pick off a few more buffalo, and hunt some more animals to earn a few more achievements that are pretty attainable. There are also a good amount of online achievements, never been a fan of those since they usually require lots of time, plus other people can be tuff to deal with in the online arena.

After playing this again makes me hope that Rockstar makes a Red Dead Redemption 2. Love playing in the old west and this game was so much fun. Give us more please!

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