Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My first 3DS game purchase.

Well looks like it's an ole Mario game gets to be my first 3DS purchase. Been a long time since I played any Mario game at all. I had good many suggestions on what games to get, but one that keep coming up, for 3DS tittle was Super Mario Land 3D. Plus since New Super Mario Bros 2 isn't out yet and as you can see I got it for decent, not great, used price, but still better than full price!

Super Mario Bros 3 & Super Mario World were probably my all time favorite Super Mario titles. Loved chasing Bowser and those crazy Koopa Kids. Since then I'm pretty sure that was the last Mario Bros game I have played! 

I will have some off time tomorrow to try it out, hence the new game purchase right away. So after I log a couple hours I'll be sure to share what its like to revisit Mario and Luigi.


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