Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A shrine to the Underground Collection

Well here is a little shot of my corner of the Underground basement, just got this installed last night. Finally a place to hold my games, and some of m collectibles.

First up, the game section! Top row we have PS3 Games. With notable favorites Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, and Grand Truismo 5!

The shelf below holds the Xbox 360 games. With notable favorites such as, the Mass Effect Trilogy, Alan Wake, Batman Arkham City, and Red Dead Redemption.

Up top here we have some minor collectibles. First you see my statue of Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic. In front of him we see a Luke Skywalker, A New Hope replica Light Saber.

Above that The Batpod! From the collectors edition of The Dark Knight. Behind that  you can see a replica Bat-rang from the collector's edition of Batman Arkham Asylum. 

Then on the very top, my collectors edition box from Star Wars The Old Republic.

A full view of all the glory! And I'm sure much more to add later!


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  2. I really enjoyed looking at this, thankyou.

  3. Very very nice! That is a great collection you have there! I use to have a collection... but not so nice as yours, but of older games. Atari, NES, SNES, Sega.. all the older stuff. Great systems they were. But I love your setup. I'm a bit jealous lol

  4. Lol. I have every one of these games. I have to keep all my shit in boxes in a closet though. Not nearly enough space in my apartment... Godod for you man.