Monday, August 13, 2012

Back Catalog Gaming Action: Mirror's Edge

Well fellow gamers, I have taken a break from Hunting those Metal Gear Solid 4 trophies, and turned my attention to an older game that I over looked, Mirror's Edge.

Friday I had a Dentist appointment, oh boy! Luckily it was just a teeth cleaning no cavities! So then it was on to my lunch, hopped over to Subway grabbed a foot long. With time to spare and Gamestop right next door, I figured well I better stop in! Sometimes games that interest me I purposely wait to play them. Some reasoning is, other high profile games are out at the moment, or I know this certain game will eventually be cheaper, or I'll need something to play during the lulls of a good higher profile release.

So there on the shelf in the used section, waiting for me to play like an old friend. I notice Mirror's Edge. I am recently reminded that EA finally announced a sequel will be made to this game. Well what better time than now to pick it up! Oh and best part is, its only $13.00! 

So most of my weekend was spent playing this gem of a game off and on. Had a blast, the free running is awesome! Plus just a warning though playing this on a big screen is fun, but if you get motion sickness, the no on screen HUD can really mess with you! haha But I enjoyed it. Jumping up walls, running on ledges, evading "Blues" aka cops.

A game like this needs support and to grow a fanbase, if your sick of the same old same, give this a try! Plus its way cheap right now!


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  1. seems like i need to play this
    thanks for reminding :>