Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trapper's Review of the Rock Band 3 Fender Squier

Well after one night and almost a full day with this bad boy. This Rocker is blown away! I feel like Marty McFly in Back to the Future when he overloaded the Amp!

"Whoa... Rock'n Roll!"

Anyways from the moment is plugged this baby up I felt like I had picked up Guitar Hero 2 again for the first time. A new way to play, that was fun and instantly rewarding. Except this was a real freaking guitar. Not some plastic "Baby's Toy" it's the real deal with Bill McNeil! I'm no guitar expert but I thought the design of the guitar was really well made. Plus it just looks really cool.

As far as game play works it's challenging cause you know... a real guitar is challenging. But after today I have 5 stared most of the warm up songs in RB3, but thats on easy mode. One step at a time here. But with each pluck of the string I feel more and more relaxed. I know this will be a long road but with a killer soundtrack lots of DLC this game goes along way.

If you have always wanted to learn the guitar this is what you have been waiting for. Yeah it's a little pricey to get in the door at $270 + $40 for the midi controller and $40 for the game. But the instant feedback of playing a song with the real music is it will keep you coming back and not getting frustrated with you purchase and will hold your interest.

Trapper's Underground Basement Rating...
9 out 10

Final thoughts:
I try not to let price be a factor in rating, but lets face it, this is a big investment. Were talking the price of more than all 3 consoles. From what I have read though this is the cheapest midi guitar out there. Plus if you have an amp you can plug that bad boy in and rattle some windows in you house!


  1. that is really awesome they use a real guitar.

    An overwhelming dose of awesome can be found in my 4th electro set! Check it
    Electric Addict Set #4

  2. You should totally post a video of you rocking out when you get to a harder difficulty. I wanna see it in action!

  3. :P what beefywellington said, that'd be cool!

  4. HAHA man I think I would be too embarrassed to show my mug playing this game, maybe if I get really good. Or at least get off easy mode I'll post up some video footage. But it is a blast to play.

  5. Cool bro, i remember when i first got the guitar y felt stiff and it hurt my hand on some notes but then you relax up and start going trhough Hard and you let it rip on Expert, Good times.

  6. It might be a big investment, but that's still bad ass. It's teaching you how to play the guitar, bet you can't find lessons that cheap. I might need to start saving for one of these! BTW, I like the random copy of Christmas vacation chilling next to the guitar, that movie is hysterical.

  7. Agreed, I never even thought about the fee's to find someone to teach you too. This is pretty cheap if your looking to learn the guitar, and have a blast doing it.

  8. @Kyle Shankin
    HAHA nice find, I was just trying to get some pics taken of the guitar didn't bother to clean up my mess. "$hitter was full!"