Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Rocking Out!

I reviewed my Fender Squire not to long ago.

"I got blisters on me fingers!"

Been having a blast playing this, it's my new addiction!

Seems like I have been playing anywhere 1-4 hrs a night. This makes for some number finger tips.

I can play most easy songs, still need to work on the Nightmare ones some more. But what's really been cool is I have started trying to play a few of the easier medium songs. Power Chords, my God, they have been kicking my but. But I can Play most of the warm up songs now and 4 star them. I still need lots of practice but I am having so much fun learning in the process. I even fired up Hard mode which I was told if you can play on Hard your playing the song, well I believe it! It was pretty challenging so I didn't mess with it to long, I still got a ways to go before I need to worry about Hard mode. 

If you one the fence about this guitar cause I know it can be pricey but if your ever wanting to learn guitar on your own terms with out having to pay for lessons and get some of that great instant feed back, then this is for you!


  1. Not a fan of Fender personally. Something about the way they sound. Always been a Jackson/Dean guy. Love me a good KE-2 Kelly!

  2. That's a good looking guitar you've got there.

  3. I wondered how practically this game would be to actually use to learn to play guitar. Glad you're having fun with it!

  4. I have a similar guitar.. love playing the guitar.. need to get back into it haha

  5. must be the new rockband game. that is really cool they just use real instruments now!

    I finished my 5th music mix. It's quite epic! Check it out =D
    Electro Addict 5th Set

  6. Would be nice to know how to play. Then I'd get all the girls!

  7. Cool looking guitar you have there.