Friday, March 11, 2011

Something Pretty to look at for the weekend!

Ms Justene Jaro is always easy on the eyes. This is one stunning lady IMO.

Well after the good feedback with Ms Jaro just had to post up another pic of her!

Might have to make this a Weekly thing, call it our "Female Fridays"


  1. damn, I'm with you man, she's beautiful.

  2. Eassssy on the eyes. Following you for sure!

  3. Wow I had to comment on this, it got my attention instantly. Amazingly gorgeous.

  4. I fully support the concept of Female Fridays.

    If you do a google search for 'HNT' you'll find a ring of bloggers that do "half nekkid Thursdays." Some of the females are amazing... enjoy!

  5. i like that idea too!
    so im just following you from this moment =D
    i hope that this is gonna be some tradition in this blog
    keep up!
    ps. i may stole it from you xD

  6. @that classic guy

    The feedback as very good for "Female Friday's" I'll be sure to find another lovely lay to post. Hard to beat Justene Jaro though.
    Don't mid if you use it, cause I'll be visiting your blog too!

  7. Your telling me buddy! I think she should be back to back hottie for Female Friday!